Under the sea party games

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Under the Sea Party Games

Thinking of having an under the sea theme for your little one’s next party? Here are some party games to get you started.

  • Have an empty small paddling pool filled with colourful plastic balls and create your own ball pit; kids will literally have a ball!
  • Fish, fish, shark!! Same as duck, duck goose – kids sit in a circle, one child starts (head tapper) and goes around the outside of the circle and touching each child on the head saying, fish, fish, fish, fish…shark! If you are the shark you must jump up and chase the head tapper around the circle and race to sit back in the sharks spot.
  • Throw the hoop on the octopus leg! Cut out a large cardboard octopus with eight legs, each leg has different points. Kids take turns trying to get their hoops over the legs, three goes each, highest total points win!
  • Bubble blowing – get some bubbles and let kids blow as many bubbles as they can and create an under the sea playground!
  • For the smaller bubs have a sing along with some under the sea themed songs! Think, Baby shark, Row, row, row your boat, One, two, three, four, five once I caught a fish alive
  • Colour in Nemo or your favourite mermaid! Find some printouts online of Nemo and friends and set up a station where kids can colour to their hearts content
  • If you’re having a summer party, get out the sprinklers and paddling pools, remember to tell the kids on the invite to bring their togs. Adult supervision always recommended with children around water

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