Star themed party foods

  • Star shaped cookies – whip up your favourite batch of cookies and use star, moon, cloud cookie cutters and decorate using soft pinks, yellows and whites
  • Star fairy bread – a party favourite, white bread, buttered and sprinkled with sprinkles – use star shaped sprinkles if you can find these, use a star cookie cutter and cut out into cute little stars
  • Candy floss – pink or light blue for fluffy, dreamy clouds
  • Cupcakes – make some pretty cupcakes and top with white puffy icing and sparkly gold or silver stars
  • Fruit sticks – make fruit sticks with any fruit you desire, blueberries, strawberries, mango and top with a piece of watermelon cut out into a star
  • Donuts – buy or try your hand at old fashioned powdered donuts, stack these up and add a glittery start on the top of the pile
  • For twinkle star themed decorations click here
Star cookies

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