Mermaid birthday party games

  • Bubble blowing – get some bubbles and let kids blow as many bubbles as they can and create an under the sea playground!
  • Colour in Nemo or your favourite mermaid! Find some printouts online of Nemo and friends and set up a station where kids can colour to their hearts content
  • If you’re having a summer party, get out the sprinklers and paddling pools, remember to tell the kids on the invite to bring their togs. Adult supervision always recommended with children around water
  • Mermaid bingo. Find a mermaid bingo game online, print and play!
  • Potato sack race – paint some mermaid tails onto sacks or alternatively find some mermaid tails at your local party shop (that you don’t mind if they rip) kids race against each other hopping in their tails
  • If you live near the beach, or have a collection of sea shells at home, put these in a large jar and guests guess how many shells are in the jar, closest guess at the end of the day gets a small prize
Mermaid party

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