Llama themed party games

Llama Mania Party Games

  • Pin the tail on the llama, don’t forget to blindfold and spin around first. Closest to the right place wins! (party game included in the Llama Mania party pack)
  • Have a go at limbo! Two people hold each end of a bar – could be a broom handle or something similar, kids take turns trying to limbo under the bar, see who can go the lowest!
  • Ring toss onto a cactus – make some wooden or cardboard cactus that can stand on their own, or get some blow up ones, use a hula hoop and see who can get their hoop over the cactus
  • Llama piñata! Hang a llama piñata and kids take turns blindfolded trying to hit the piñata and smash it open!
  • Llama bingo – free printouts online, have a game of llama bingo and have small prizes for the winners
  • Pass the sombrero – kids sit in a circle and pass the sombrero around, putting it on their head and then passing to the next person. If the music stops and you have the sombrero on your head, you are out, game continues until one child is left and is the winner

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Llama party

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