Best birthday games for construction party

construction party games - use these games below and it's sure to be a smash

Wheelbarrow race – First, set up two lines of cones or bricks outside on the grass about a metre or so apart. At the end of the line have a pile of bricks/blocks, enough for one for each child – these could be toy /foam blocks to keep the game safe. Next, divide the party into two teams and give each time a wheelbarrow. The game starts by one child weaving the wheelbarrow in and out of the cones/bricks to the end of the cones where the pile of toy bricks/blocks is waiting. The child puts one brick from the pile in the wheelbarrow, weaves through the cones back to team mate and do this until all  and unloads the block. It is then the next team mates team and this continues until all the blocks are picked up and one team is the winner!

Digger mania – Use a sandpit or a small plastic paddling pool filled with sand. Next, add toy diggers, dump trucks and bulldozers and let the kids go nuts! You could hide some treasures in the sand such as play gold coins or marbles (make sure supervised if smaller children around) for the kids to find

Lego station – Set up a low table with lego/duplo and kids can build towers to their hearts content! See who builds the highest or most colourful tower.

Foreman says – this is the same as the game “Simon says”. Instead the foreman gives instructions related to construction activities. For example, dig a hole, hammer a nail, saw a log, mix concrete, paint the house, drive the digger, climb the ladder etc.

Chocolate game – construction worker style! Put a large bar of chocolate on a plate with a knife  and fork nearby and sit kids around it in a circle. Have two dice, and a construction worker outfit – high visibility vest, hard hat (one is included in the construction themed party box), and gardening gloves. Give one child the dice. Children take it in turns to roll the dice on the floor in front of them, passing them around the circle to their left. If a child rolls a double, they leap into the centre of the circle, put on the construction worker outfit, and start to unwrap, then eat, the bar of chocolate – but only using the knife and fork. Meanwhile the other kids are still taking turns rolling the dice to try and roll a double. The child keeps trying to cut up and eat the chocolate until another child rolls a double, at which point they must co-operate in handing over the dressing up clothes, the knife and fork and the chocolate so that the next child gets a turn.

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