Who we are

the life and soul of the party

I’m a working mum to Indi who is four and Finn who is two. Having two little ones I soon realised how important children’s birthday parties are. Firstly, these parties often marked important milestones. Secondly, their parties gave us, the parents, an opportunity to see friends and family who you have planned to catch up with for weeks but haven’t been able to.

My idea stemmed from going to a friend’s daughter’s fourth birthday party which was a dinosaur theme. I was in awe of how awesome the party was – from the decorations, to the cake to the party games. As well as being in awe I was also wondering how long my friend had spent thinking and planning this party. And from this I came up with the idea for Birthdays Boxed Up. I wanted to help others create the perfect birthday party for their children without having to spend much time organising it. I wanted a ‘ready to go’ party and that’s what I have created with my themed packs of party decorations. Choose your theme now!

children's birthday party